New picutres!

Thought it was about time I uploaded some more recent pictures.  These run all the way back to about Halloween.  You’ll notice that Ryan is still playing soccer and progressing in Cub Scouts.  In the picture, Ryan was getting his Wolf rank.  The same day, Cameron earned his Arrow of Light which is the highest award in Cub Scouts (which means his mom has done a lot of work).  We also took the kids on the Santa Train out at the Snoqualmie Railway Museum, so there are some pics of that.  Of course, I also had to include some pictures of Megan because she’s just so darn cute!
Also, be sure not to miss our musical video christmas card just below the pictures.
Merry Christmas!
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Talking about HD View: Tree of Life – HD View Beta –


I like this image of the Tree of Life.

HD View: Tree of Life – HD View Beta –

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Happy Birthday Megan!

…or so we hope!  We checked into the hospital today at 8:00.  Joanne got her IV in at 8:30 (just saline at first).  I just heard Dr. Rogers in the hall say Penicillin.  So I think they’ll do that to control Joanne’s strep B.

Dr. Rogers just stepped in and confirmed, so we’ll get the Penicillin and then start the Oxytocin.  Joanne says to be careful what I write.  I’m supposed to get approval on what pictures I post (but in a few hours, I don’t think she’ll really care ).

Started the Oxytocin and Penicillin.  Nurse took a look at the readouts and said the baby looks "fabulous".

Resting comfortably, no serious contractions yet.

Contractions are getting a little stronger, but Joanne’s still pretty comfortable.

They’ve increased Joanne’s Oxytocin dose to 10 mL/hour (up from 2).  So contractions are starting to get harder.  She’ll get her second (final) dose of Penicillin at 12:20.  The nurse said the doctor would probably come by soon to break Joanne’s bag of water (which should also get things going).

Dr. Rogers came in and broke Joanne’s bag of water.  One of the overhead delivery lights is out and the technician came in to replace the bulb after the procedure.  Joanne’s now dilated to between a 2 and a 3 which is better than the 1 she came in at.

Joanne’s had enough fun and thinks she wants drugs soon.

The epidural is in and Joanne is feeling better.  She’s dilated to about a 4.  I’m eating a sandwich from the fridge across the way (it’s so-so).

Joanne’s still at a 4, but resting comfortably.  The nurse commented on how "picture perfect" our baby’s readings are looking and have looked all day.

Joanne’s still at a 4, but finally thinning (90% effaced now).  This baby just does not want to come!

Well, the nurse had Joanne lay in a different position for 15 minutes and BOOM!  Suddenly she’s at a 9 and about ready to deliver.  They paged the doctor (who happened to just be walking through the door and says "I’m here!").  Shouldn’t be long now!

IT’S A GIRL!!!!  Megan was born at 6:41 PM and weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces, measuring 19 inches long.  Everyone is very happy.

I’m back home now for the night.  Joanne and baby are still doing well.  Megan is pretty noisy so far, but she loves to suck on things and seems to be taking to nursing just fine.  I think I’m going to take the kids to swimming lessons in the morning so Grandma Sylvia can go hold the new baby for a while.  Then I’ll take the kids to the hospital to visit Mom and baby sister.  Then Grandma can take the kids home.  I think Joanne and I will be ready to come home by tomorrow evening.

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The first part of February, we took the kids for a fun-filled trip to Disneyland.  I’ve uploaded some photos, and will have to write more about the trip soon (before I forget too much).
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Bogus 07

I participated in the annual Bogus Basin Hill Climb again this year in Boise.  The race follows Bogus Basin Road for 16 miles from Boise, up to the Bogus Basin Ski Resort, climbing about 3,500 feet.  The race this year was on September 8th.  This year, I drove down with Joanne and we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn.  In the previous two years I finished the race with times of 1:19:something and 1:12:~45.  My goal for this year was to break the 1:10 mark.
Before the race I had a bit of a mishap in that I forgot to put on my timing chip.  I realized this after I had lined up for the start.  I decided to run over to where the car had been parked, in case it was still there.  Of course, it had already left to drive up the hill.  Well, by checking I got a worse start position, so I spent the first mile or so working to catch up with the lead group.  By the time I caught up, a gap had opened between the lead group and what was becoming a second group.  I didn’t feel like I could make it across the gap without completely blowing up, so I decided to just stay and work in the second group.
I felt pretty strong for about the first five miles of the race.  After that I went though periods where I felt tired and had to back off a little and rest.  Overall, I felt like I had better leg strength this year (so all the hours in gym must have worked) but maybe not quite the cardio endurance.  Last year, I managed an average heart rate of 179bpm.  This year, it was only 172.  I think psychology may have come into play here.  I participated in the Washington State Hill Climb Time Trial Championship two weeks before (placed pretty middle of the pack).  I suffered quite a bit in that race with an average heart rate near 180, and I think I just may not have had enough time to gear up mentally to do that again.  Either that, or it was just conditioning.  Who knows?
Anyway, I saw Joanne along the way and asked her to try and hand me my timing chip near the end of the race.  It was her first time there, so she waited until too close to the end where things speed up and I ended up going by too fast to get the chip.  So, anyway, I don’t have an official time, but I did finish in 1:09:07 which means I met my goal.
Oh, and one racer got cut off by a car and crashed into our parked car taking off the right side-view mirror.  Still working on that one!
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Oregon Trip

For spring break this year we went to Seaside Oregon.  We stayed six nights in the Trendwest/WorldMark resort arriving on Sunday, April 8th (Easter) and leaving on Saturday April 14th.  Our friends Vijay and Bhairavi happened to be on vacation staying in the same resort for the first half of the week, so we had fun seeing them and our kids had fun playing together.
Sunday April 8th
We drove down to Seaside on Sunday after going to Madeline’s baby blessing in Tacoma.  We had dinner on the way down at a Burger King in Astoria.  After we got to the resort and got unloaded, we got Jared to bed and then watched Happy Feet with Cameron and Ryan.
Monday April 9th
Monday we mostly just hung around the condo and relaxed.  As I mentioned in my vacation-time post, this was the day we went to the aquarium.  It was a very small aquarium, but the kids had fun feeding some cut-up fish to the seals.  The rain was off and on all day.  It was sunny and nice for the two block walk to the aquarium but we got soaked by rain on the walk back.  Later in the day, I took Cameron, Ryan and Vhaibhav to see TMNT.  For dinner we went to Taco Bell.  We had to wait a while to eat because of a brief power-outage.  After dinner we all went down to swim in the outdoor pools.  Joanne and I thought it was a little cold, but the boys went swimming every day we were there (you can see a few pictues in the album).
Tuesday April 10th
Tuesday we went to Fort Stevens – a decomissioned military base that I visited on our Fairwood YM bike trip back in 2002.  The kids had fun running around the old bunkers and smashing a penny on one of those penny flattening machines.  Fort Stevens was built just before the end of the civil war to protect the mouth of the Columbia River from Confederate invasion and remained in service until after WWII.  In addition to the military base, there was a replica of a Native American longhouse that we saw.
Next, we went to see an old shipwreck on the beach near the military base.  The ship was an old British sailing ship that had run aground on the beach 101 years ago.  I included a few pictures of the shipwreck in the photo album.
After the shipwreck we went to Fort Clatsop.  This was the fort that Lewis and Clark built to be their quarters for the winter of 1805-06.  In addition to a replica of the fort, there was also a visitors center/musem at the site.  While we were there, Ryan completed a workbook and became a Junior Park Ranger (Cameron wasn’t interested in doing the workbook).  That night we went to Pizza Hut for dinner where we ordered (and ate most of) way too many cinna-stix.
Wednesday April 11th
Wednesday morning, we went and walked through the little mall in Seaside.  We got funny hats for the kids and rode the carousel.  On the way back to the resort, we stopped by an arcade and played video games and rode some bumper cars (my bumper car didn’t go forward very well, but had a pretty good reverse).
In the afternoon we drove down to Tillamook, where we did the tour, ate ice cream and bought some cheese.  I highly recommend the garlic white cheddar cheese and the blueberry cheesecake ice cream.  Yum!  Just don’t mix those up!  Oh, they also sell a dark-chocolate fudge that was very good.
Thursday April 12th
On Thursday, Cameron and Ryan started the day with a swim and then we went to Ecola state park to hang out on the beach and look for sea creatures around the rocky parts of the beach.  We found some sand dollars, but not many living creatures.  We went at low tide, but there weren’t any of the really good "minus" tides the week we were there, so that might have prevented us from finding some of the cooler tide pools.
When we got back to the resort we went out to the beach to fly kites.  Cameron had a habit of dropping the kite handle which would then go racing off along the sand.  After kite-flying we had dinner in our condo.  We barbequed some really good hamburgers and the kids had hot dogs.
Friday April 13th
For our last full day we went shopping at the outlet stores in Seaside.  We bought some clothes and I picked up a laser-targeted miter saw.  Now I need to use the saw to build a workbench to put the saw on!  After shopping we went back to the resort for swimming.  I went with Cameron and Ryan.  It was pretty cold outside, so they had cranked the pool temperature up to about 95 degrees – which made it pretty nice.  I swam with the boys for quite a while before going back to our room.
For dinner we went to Taco Time (which is always good – and more reasonable priced when you leave western Washington).  After dinner we let the kids watch some Sponge Bob Square Pants marathon that was going on to celebrate a new episode or something.
Saturday April 14th
We went home.
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Monday 4/9 The weather has been quite deceptive so far on our trip. Today we took the kids to the aquarium, the kids had fun feeding the seals and we got to see a cool, giant octopus crawling in a big open tank. It was nice and sunny for the walk over, but on the way back, we got soaked. The weather seems to switch between rain and sun every 20 minutes or so.
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